We brought in talent, openly conversed, and enjoyed a prostate blooper.

The Ghost of Larry Clark
Setting the stage.

A Global Epidemic
Michael Putney, Member of the Board of Directors, introduces Peter Boyle, Director, International Agency for Research on Cancer, who gives a broad perspective.

Reviewing the Facts
A panel reviews facts from many perspectives. A lively discussion.

There's a Lot of Hype Out There
Jeff Cadeddu, of the Southwestern Medical Center, talks about marketing and hype.

The Truth About Erections
'Bud Burnett, of the Male Consultation Clinic at Johns Hopkins, explains erections.

An Interesting Case
Dr. Arnon Krongrad, of the Prostate Cancer Mission, stirs things up with a complicated case.

Board Members spoke out
The Miami Herald previews the event.

Photos of a Marvelous Event
View the slideshow. Order prints.

What is the silent killer?
Maestro brings it to 99 JAMZ.

A prostate blooper
Cynthia fumbles a prostate exam.

From right to left (pdf; loads slowly)
With Olmert's diagnosis, the Israeli community gets involved.

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Arnon Krongrad, MD